Health Information Management Platform

Health Information Management Platform

Dimensions Information Technology (DIT) is a leading information technology company in the Middle East assisting private and public sectors establish high standard healthcare systems, with special focus on the Healthcare Management System.

DIT assists the healthcare system to effectively manage its financing transactions and related practices.
Dimensions solutions are used by payers, providers, covered members, and regulators in transaction’s generation, management, exchange and decision-making process. DIT systems process medical, administrative and financial information to enable enhanced efficiency, better clinical outcomes and patient experience, offering solutions to provide more quality healthcare for the money spent.

Comprehensive, Automated and Smart
Health information Solution (HIS)

Aveerous is a smart and automated Health Information Solution (HIS). It contains over 50 modules and suits all types of healthcare facilities. It significantly enhances the performance of healthcare facility in almost all aspects and functions, it enables effective management and tracking of all processes in all departments, it enables the ability to manage and exchange medical, administrative and financial information within the same facilities, resulting in improving the quality of services to patients.

Aveerous designed to fully comply with JCI , EHIR and HL7 standards in addition to the medical coding system (ICD10,CPT, etc.) rules 

Information and communication technology has become important and crucial in providing high quality health care and a key factor in bringing about change in many areas of health care. Therefore, today, information processing and computing in general is considered an important factor of quality in the health sector, especially in hospitals, and in the same context it is seen as a high cost, and for this it is necessary to highlight the role of Aveerous Solution in improving productivity and its ability to reduce the operational costs of health facilities. That is why Dimensions InfoTech, as provider of information processing solutions, are offering a holistic view of both the patient and the hospital. That is why we see that Aveerous fully integrated solutions is 100% fit for information processing in hospitals.

Aveerous takes into considerations the complexity of processing information at healthcare facilities and offers a systematic information processing that takes into account all the relevant grounds to enable those who provide care to patients to provide high quality service, and save time and efforts in managing hospital information systems. 

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The EMR module allows healthcare providers to explore all medical records for patients at the medical facility and track the medical practice workflow. EMR healthcare providers can access all patient health information securely, such as medications and test results including laboratory, radiology, pathology, and genetics, in addition to clinical observations, medical reports, and assessments, for current and previous visits. The module provides access to real-time and updated information, which increases the efficiency of decision making.


The in-patient module helps healthcare providers seamlessly manage and perform all clinical-related activities for hospitalized patients starting with admission assessments, diagnosis, treatment, up to decision making and discharge. Throughout the in-patient clinical journey, our system supports various functions and activities performed by healthcare providers based on roles, providing computerized provider order entry (CPOE), operation requests, order result capturing, sorting, tracking, in addition to providing several capabilities to manage nursing activities such as fluid balance, medication administration, observations, vital signs monitoring, and much more.


The out-patient module helps healthcare providers handle transactions involved in out-patient visits whether it is a first visit, or a follow-up visit. The module serves as an assisting tool for triaging nurses and physicians when providing consultation to their patients by instantly accessing patient comprehensive information through the system. Through the out-patient module, healthcare providers can handle requests and results of CPOE and other examination tests. Moreover, the out-patient module supports entering the diagnosis, doctor’s observations, online requests for examinations, online prescribing of medication, and other transactions that need to be recorded in the system for future follow-ups and reviews.

Operation Theater

The Operating Theater (OT) module provides several functionalities to support seamless tracking of perioperative and postoperative information flow. OT offers various management capabilities to provide the best operative process follow-up, starting with perioperative care and checkups, including nursing management such as sign out, time out, counting and more, in addition to anesthesia management that controls physiological parameters, airway, induction monitoring, intraoperative anesthesia record, and medication administration, along with the monitoring of cardiovascular perfusion. OT also manages the registration and management of operative theaters and room registration. OT module also manages the postoperative recovery workflow until the patient returns to the department.

Emergency Room

The Emergency (ER) module provides full cycle care from door to discharge for ER patients. The module allows healthcare providers to manage and control the pressures of an ER department in one place. This module supports computerized provider order entry (CPOE), in addition to the ability of exploring historical patient information, while capturing and recording patient clinical information electronically to provide the right information at the right time to provide the best immediate care by the ER healthcare team. The ER module is fully integrated with other related modules to provide a full comprehensive data workflow.

Hospital Pharmacy

The hospital pharmacy module is designed to fulfill pharmaceutical needs and support related business processes to manage prescriptions from the time an order is placed, to administration and dispensing of medication for patients both internally and externally. Allows medication to be received via computerized provider order entry (CPOE) from the health information system (HIS) and can integrate with other systems to receive and manage internal medication orders. The pharmacy module consists of a wide range of functionalities to review order, received order, and complete order in addition to inventory management features for warehouses. It manages the billing and retail pharmacy dispensing through the Point of Sale (POS) system for internal and external prescription orders.

Hospital Laboratories

Laboratory modules help manage internal test orders requested from physicians internally or through external orders. Through laboratory modules, received orders can be organized for comprehensive data management. It seamlessly supports result entries for test orders to maintain a fully integrated and linked workflow between healthcare providers. Several laboratory modules are included; the Medical Laboratory Module, Radiology Module, Pathology Module, and Genetics Laboratory Module. Each module supports various capabilities, functions, and unique data entry patterns to support the best real-time results for capturing data and documentation.

Registration and Reception

Our registration module helps you create a patient profile with a unique Master Record Number (MRN). The profile is created using a patient’s general information including: full name, ID number, system's number, phone number, date of birth, place of birth, insurance information. The creation and management of a patient’s MRN  will start from the first encounter by registering the patient, and will be used to manage multiple clinical visits for the same patient. Automating a patient’s registration process will result in more accuracy and efficiency.

Billing and Accounting

Our HIMP provides multiple functions involved in billing and accounting process management. Our system recognizes that capturing all charges accurately, ensures integrity of financial data and provides flexibility to accommodate different billing scenarios based on business rules. The billing and accounting modules in the system provide an efficient and error-free process to capture all billable services rendered for a patient without any data loss, thus ensuring that no revenue is ever lost. It can be integrated with most Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems since it reports the transactions in a standard manner. In addition, the system can be built with customized integration tools.